Welcome to Mama Bear!

It’s natural!” Yes, breastfeeding is natural, BUT, it doesn’t mean it comes naturally. It takes practice for parent and baby. We used to live in communities, tribes, and villages that eased the challenges of this transition. Having a new baby is certainly a time when you need your tribe, and I am honored to be a part of it.

I offer compassionate care along with evidence- based skills to educate and empower families to make the best choices for their breastfeeding goals. Every parent, baby, and family unit have specific circumstances. Together we will discover your optimal plan.

The key is getting off to a good start, so please don’t hesitate to call! Seeing a lactation consultant with in the first seven days of life can solve many issues before they start!

The mothers group I host made in on the CBS news!

Check out my  blog post on Westchester County Moms Blog!

An interview I gave regarding Breastfeeding athletes at the Olympics. The Lily 

I’m very excited about my work with Expectful!  Here is a fun interview, “Unexpected with Expectful”




I am so happy to have partnered up with my colleague, Cathy Walker and we have opened

Gaea Breastfeeding Center! A beautiful office in Jefferson Valley, just off the Teconic Parkway.

Please find booking link on Services page

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