Folks, I have spent some time trying to explain “unprecedented” to my 5 and 8 year olds this week.  We are in uncharted territory for sure. The plans put in place – travel bans, social distancing, etc., are absolutely what will help save us and “flatten the curve.” However, it means some people will not get the help they need for non-emergency care.

I want to assure new families, we as IBCLCs are doing everything we can to continue to provide lactation care for those in need.

Using a secure and HIPAA compliant platform, we can schedule and perform virtual visits. Please see “Services” for pricing.

These visits include:

-Health history of parent and baby

-Observation of feeding

-A guided oral assessment

-Pumping Q & A, including flange fitting

-Individualized feeding and milk supply plan

Please contact me if you would like more information about online consults or to schedule yours today. These are trying times for sure, but by working together and utilizing technology we can make the best of this “unprecedented” situation.
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