Carrie was truly wonderful. She was able to get to us a day after calling, and seeing her was a new beginning for me. I owe that to her incredibly informative and enlightening visit. We figured out the issues with my baby and the plan we put together has worked wonders, helping him get back on track with his weight gain right away. I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I am!  ~Loli

We were told in the hospital my baby was tongue tied- I was not able to get him latched at all. When he was 5 days old, we had his tongue released but still could not get him to latch. On day six, Carrie arrived! Everything changed. Due to only pumping, my breast were quite clogged. After breast massage and teaching me hand expression we remedied that. Then she did exercises for my baby’s mouth and educated me on different positions and how to latch-  then he was ready to go, we got him on! It was a very rough start, but Carrie gave me the tools to get through the next few days and now we have been going strong ever since!  ~Natalie

Once upon a time my 16 pound 5 month old was a tiny 6.9 newborn who had the worst time latching. The first 2 nights home from the hospital did not go well and I was worried she wasn’t getting enough milk. At my daughters newborn appointment, my pediatrician recommended Carrie. The next day we spoke and she came to save the day! Carrie showed me proper hand expressions, and different holds. Then after configuring some pillows to help keep her up and getting her tiny mouth to latch, we did a weighted feed that showed my baby was taking in almost double the amount of milk her tiny tummy could fit! Carrie walked me through everything on how to handle her and keep her upright because of the amount of milk she took in. As a very anxious first time single mom, I said breastfeeding may be too stressful and inquired about exclusive pumping. Carrie made me feel comfortable enough to be quite vulnerable and introduced me to a world of exclusive pumping. My daughter and I have been much happier since that has started! Carrie was all in and did not push something that was not for me, but came beside me and helped me every step of the way. From dealing with drops in supply, to awful clogged ducts, growth spurts, supplementing, and even her first cold -Carrie was and still is always a text or call away. With out her I honestly don’t think I would have lasted as long as I did pumping. I am so very thankful for Carrie and her helping me through this journey.  ~Kristy




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